Sunaura C. Taylor
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Sunaura Taylor is an artist, writer and activist living in Oakland, CA. Her artworks have been exhibited at venues across the country, including the CUE Art Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution and the Berkeley Art Museum. She is the recipient of a Sacatar Foundation Fellowship, winner of VSA’s Driving Force award, an Eisner Award, two Wynn Newhouse Awards, a Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant, and an Animals and Culture Grant. Her published work includes The Right Not to Work: Disability and Capitalism (Monthly Review, 2004), Military Waste In Our Drinking Water (With Astra Taylor, 2006- nominated for a Project Censored Award 2007), Is It Possible to Be a Conscientious Meat Eater? (Alternet, February 18th, 2009 with Alexander Taylor), Should We Eat Meat? (Yes Magazine, March 2011), and Beasts of Burden: Animals and Disability (Qui Parle, May 2011). Taylor worked with philosopher Judith Butler, on Astra Taylor’s film Examined Life (Zeitgeist 2008). She is a contributor to various books including Occupy!: Scenes From an Occupied America (Verso Books, 2011, edited by Astra Taylor and Keith Gessen), Stay Solid!: A Radical Handbook for Youth (AK Press, 2013, edited by Matt Hern), and Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas (UC Press, 2010, Rebecca Solnit). Taylor has given more than a dozen talks at universities and conferences across the country and has appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered, Georgia Public Television’s State of the Arts, and numerous other radio programs. She’s currently working on a book on animal rights and disability, forthcoming from the Feminist Press (2012). She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in the department of Art Practice with her MFA in May, 2008. Taylor is a co-founder of the disability arts collective Yelling Clinic.